Personal Log No. 20130713 : You know your INFJ when … (my personal experience in living as INFJ)

Posted: October 13, 2013 in HOME, Uncategorized

My Personal Log.

1.Too many paradox on your mind – able to see things from all angle and perspective sometimes is a curse because the truth become gray/blurry, what is the most confusing and paradoxical than there are two truth in both force but goes against each other?

2.You like people and sometimes have ton of friends (and occasionally mistakenly for extrovert) but so many years socialize they know nothing about you except long term few of the “inner circle”.

3.Society misunderstood you because they cant grasp your idea behind your action – (because sometimes the source of this is intuitively basis; beyond logic can’t reach as they speak different language).

4.Your mind never stop Thinking!  Sometimes when my eyes stare blank to the street, my mind is travel across the universe in the speed of light.
You analyze and think deeply about everything especially life and human behavior  – You question everything in spite of you hide the real depth…

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